SeaWorld Orlando: Do you see what I see?
Little things count at theme parks, even ones as small as snowflakes.

On a recent trip to SeaWorld Orlando, I noticed the it was repeatedly using a snowflake design throughout the park. For instance, the snowy bits can be seen on the bright red umbrellas added to cafe tables for the holiday season, and they were being projected as light beams onto sidewalks. It was curious, I thought, because it seemed to be a generic, maybe even clip-art image, and unrelated to the sea.

Then I had one of those DUH / Oprah "a-ha" moments. Look at just one individual spoke of the flake. Isn't that the silhouette of a whale? Point six of them together and, voila, in kaleidoscope (or June Taylor Dancer) fashion, you have a snowflake.

Now I'm seeing them everywhere, including in the advertising campaign -- sometimes printed very lightly -- for SeaWorld's Christmas Celebration. And I'm told this is the second year they've been used. Well, I was always bad seeing those hidden Magic Eye images, so I'm going to blame astigmatism.

Or maybe I'm just a flake. Whatever. Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow.